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Taylor Choice Dental Blog

Vibing on Vacation: How to Prevent Dental Emergencies This Summer

June 14, 2024

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Patient smiling with family on the beach after preventing dental emergencies

Summer vacation is a time for relaxation and adventure, but a dental emergency can quickly turn your dream trip into a nightmare! But what can you do to ensure your holiday remains stress-free and enjoyable? Continue reading to learn some practical strategies for preventing dental emergencies while you’re soaking up the sun and having fun!


Everything You Need to Know About Dental Insurance Waiting Periods

May 6, 2024

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Happy patient standing at dental office front desk

Dental insurance can serve as a valuable asset that reduces the financial strain of maintaining a healthy smile. If you are new to your policy, you may rightly be eager to start using it! However, you should be aware that you may have waiting periods for various services. What exactly are dental insurance waiting periods, and what should you know about them? This blog post explains.


Choose Wisely: Things to Consider When Buying Dental Insurance

April 16, 2024

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person holding a phone with dental insurance on it

As a smart consumer, you carefully consider certain purchases. You may research the various products, compare prices and specifications, and finally come to a decision, feeling confident that you’re spending your money wisely. But do you give such diligence to your dental insurance?

Although you don’t have to delve deep into the world of insurance, which can be confusing for anyone, there are some things you should know prior to buying dental insurance. Keep reading to learn some of the basic concepts that will help you make the right choice.


Composite VS Porcelain Veneers: Which is the Best?

February 17, 2024

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Model of porcelain veneer for lower toothIf you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, you’re not alone. Thankfully, you have more options than ever before to revamp your pearly whites. Veneers rank among the most popular cosmetic procedures because they can fix many issues using a minimally invasive treatment. Veneers can be made from porcelain or composite. Both have their advantages, but which is the best? Here’s how to choose the right material for your needs.


Here’s How a Healthy Diet Can Increase the Life of Your Dental Implants!

December 7, 2023

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Woman making a salad

Dental implants are becoming more and more popular. In fact, over 500,000 dental implants are being placed each year. Despite implants being more of an investment than other tooth replacement options, there is no wonder why they are the ideal option. Dental implants provide benefits that you can’t find anywhere else. They even allow you to enjoy a full, nutritious diet without restrictions. However, it is still beneficial for you to eat healthy foods. Continue reading to learn why.


Ready For a Change? How to Know if your Veneers Need to Be Replaced

October 6, 2023

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Someone who is getting veneers

Veneers are one of the most powerful cosmetic dental treatments that there is. They’re capable of giving you a brand-new smile, one that you can wear with pride everywhere that you go. In fact, after wearing them for a while, you might not even remember what it was like not to have them.

However, as with any kind of dental work, veneers aren’t going to last forever. Eventually your veneers will need to be replaced if you want to keep your smile in good condition—here are some signs that it could be time for that to happen.


A History of Veneers: 1928 to Now

September 21, 2023

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A dentist grabbing veneers with tweezers

If you value your smile, then you’ve likely heard of veneers. These unique shells can revamp your teeth so your grin looks gorgeous! That said, do you know the history of dental veneers? They’ve actually been around for a while – nearly a hundred years by current estimates. Furthermore, the shells didn’t start as the amazing cosmetic upgrade they are now. Your Taylor dentist will happily tell you more if you’d like. So, here’s a brief look at veneers’ history over the decades.


3 Things You Should Avoid This Summer For The Sake Of Your Teeth

August 13, 2023

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family playing on the beach

Summer is starting to wind down, which means that you have just a few weeks left to enjoy all the summery things you may have missed out on. However, if you’re scrambling to fit as much fun as possible into a small amount of time, you still shouldn’t neglect your teeth.

There are actually several ways that you can damage your teeth this summer—if you want to avoid an emergency trip to the dentist’s, here are some things you ought to watch out for.


Dental Emergencies That Cause Facial Pain

July 20, 2023

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patient suffering from facial pain holding cheek

Experiencing a toothache can disrupt your daily activities and make getting a good night’s sleep challenging. The intense pain radiating through your cheek can hinder your ability to focus, eat, or enjoy a night out. However, not all dental emergencies lead to facial pain. It’s crucial to identify the sources of facial discomfort and seek prompt treatment. Keep reading to explore the different causes of facial pain and discover how your emergency dentist can provide assistance.


How to Protect Your Lips from Sunburns

June 7, 2023

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person enjoying the sun on the beach

As summer is in full swing, the sun’s rays beckon us to bask in its warmth. While you diligently pack sunscreen to shield your skin, have you taken a moment to ponder whether your lips are adequately protected? Surprisingly, your lips possess some of the thinnest skin on your body, rendering them equally, if not more, vulnerable to sunburn than other areas. So, keep reading to learn more about proper lip protection and the proper way to keep your lips safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

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