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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Taylor, TX

Your Taylor Dentist Has the Answers You Need

Dental patient education is extremely important to us here at Taylor Choice Dental. The more our dental patients learn about dentistry, the better care they take of their teeth at home, and the better decisions they can make regarding their professional dental care options. Below are some popular questions that our dental patients tend to ask during their appointments. Give us a call if there’s something here you don’t understand or if you have a question that isn’t covered on this page.

How often should I get a Dental checkup and Teeth cleaning?

Even if you have not noticed any serious problems with your teeth, you should schedule a checkup and cleaning once every six months. Catching oral health issues like cavities and gum disease early gives us the opportunity to treat them before they start causing real pain or any permanent damage.

Which is better: a manual or electric toothbrush?

Both types work great for keeping your teeth clean as long as you use them twice a day for two minutes at a time. Several studies have shown that manual and electric toothbrushes are both highly effective for removing plaque and avoiding cavities. Of course, we do recommend easy-to-use electric brushes for children and patients with mobility issues.

Why do I need professional Teeth cleanings if I brush every day?

Daily brushing and flossing are important for getting rid of bacteria in your mouth, but chances are you’re missing a few surfaces despite your best efforts. Plaque and tartar can build up in the spots you miss, leading to various oral health issues unless they’re removed by a professional. Our hygienists are happy to clean the overlooked spots on your teeth and gums

Does flossing really matter?

A few years ago, several stories were published that questioned whether flossing actually works. However, most dentists still agree that it’s an important aspect of oral hygiene. Brushing without flossing leaves about 40% of the teeth’s surface uncleaned, and that significantly raises your risk of gum disease and other health issues. If you don’t floss, you should start as soon as you can.

How long will it take to fix or replace my tooth?

It depends on what kind of restoration you’re getting. A filling for a small cavity can be placed in a single appointment, but a prosthetic meant to replace a tooth altogether may take weeks or months to design. As such, there is no “one-size-fits-all” timeline we can give you; you’ll have to see us in person for an estimate.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Odds are yes! We are in-network with many PPO dental insurance providers, can file claims for out-of-network providers, and accept Medicaid/CHIP if needed. Call our team today to see what kind of savings we can offer under your current plan.