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Sleep Apnea Treatment – Taylor, TX

Get the Quality Shuteye You Deserve

Do you often wake up feeling exhausted despite getting more than seven hours of sleep? Has your partner complained about loud snoring constantly coming from your side of the bed? These are both common symptoms of sleep apnea, a serious disorder that prevents millions of Americans from achieving quality shuteye. At Taylor Choice Dental, we offer custom oral appliances to help patients suffering from sleep apnea enjoy a clear airway and deep rest. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options for sleep apnea treatment in Taylor, TX!

Why Choose Taylor Choice Dental for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Tired woman in need of sleep apnea treatment

A person with sleep apnea experiences short yet frequent pauses in breathing over the course of a night, which prevents them from reaching the deeper, restorative stages of sleep. Most often, this occurs when tissues in the mouth and throat collapse and obstruct the airway, forcing the person to wake up so the blockage is cleared. These episodes can happen dozens or even hundreds of times a night, even if a person doesn’t remember them in the morning; they simply feel groggy despite “sleeping” for a full night.

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